Chimney Sweep FAQs

Here are some common questions we get asked by homeowners about chimney sweeping. If you have a question that is not answered here, please let us know: 01245 323 911.

Do I need my chimney swept now it’s been re-lined?

Yes you do. Even more important as there is less surface area for soot to stick to.

Sweep every 12 months, preferably before the start of the burning season, so your appliance can be checked.

Fire Bricks are cracked, is this a problem?

Small hair line crack then no, however, your fire bricks are a consumable part and are there to protect your stove.

If you have major cracks (In a couple of pieces), it’s time to replace them.

Will sweeping the chimney make my home messy?


Any ornaments around the fireplace will be removed and we take immense care to protect the entire area we work in.

Our team understand that this is your precious home, and we will treat it with the level of respect it deserves.

C.O. Alarm, are they worth bothering with ?

Yes they are. Remember you cannot see or smell or taste Carbon Monoxide – it’s called the silent killer.

Have your appliance and flue regularly swept and check yourC.O. alarm is still working from time to time

If the flue blocks (e.g. bird’s nest) or the fire ropes leak fumes then the alarm will sound.

Why has the stove glass gone black?

The most common cause of this is poor fuel. i.e. fuel with too much moisture content.

Change fuel to seasoned or dry kiln wood fuel.

Or, your secondary air flow is closed (usually top air vent) Open a jar and it should clear the glass.

Why is my fire still drawing air even though the air vents are shut?

Two most common reasons:

1) Fire rope around the door needs replacing. There could be air drawn into the stove from around the seals.
Here’s a quick check to see if they are failing. Rub chalk around the fire rope and shut the door as normal. Open the door, if there is a break in the chalk outline on the stove this is where the air is coming in.

2) The other issue could be fire ropes holding the glass in situ. These also wear out over time.

How long does a normal sweep take?

Up to 1 hour in most cases.

Bird nests and blockages could add on a couple of extra hours.

What happens after the sweep?

Your appliance will be ready to light and we will issue a sweep certificate.

Your certificate is valid for 12 months and you will be reminded by email if you choose to be.

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