Chimney Sweep & Stove Maintenance

Your fireplace could be a hazard – and the problems are hidden from view.

You need to protect against blockages, smoke leaks, inadequate ventilation, insufficient draw, down- draught and tar build up.

Keeping a close eye on potential problems like holes in the ash pan, cracks, spots of rust or warping within the stove, these are clues that there are problems.

The best advice ever

Proactively caring for your stove is the best way to maximise your enjoyment of it, whilst minimising any risks. That’s why we recommend you always invest in professional sweep and maintenance services.

Our Sweep Packages



Was £75.00
  • Sweep Chimney / Flue & remove waste
  • Check fire ropes & fire bricks
  • Check spigot
  • Clean glass
  • Sweep certificate issued

Homeowners safety checklist

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    Proper ventilation

    Use windows, air bricks or external air pipe to ensure your stove has enough air intake.

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    Clean & Sweep

    Regularly cleaning your stove will help keep it safe and beautiful! Have it swept annually, best just before or after the winter season.

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    Use proper fuel

    The wrong fuel is the quickest way to clog up your stove and increase risk of soot and carbon monoxide build up. Invest in kiln dried, or aired hardwoods if you can.

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    Use a good guard

    Never leave open fire unattended without a fire guard!

Troubleshooting step-by-step

1. If your appliance begins to burn slowly, goes out frequently or if you smell or suspect fumes.

2. Open doors and windows.

3. Carefully put the fire out.

4. Do not stay in the room any longer than is necessary.

5. Do not attempt to re-light the appliance until a HETAS Engineer has inspected it.

Get Help

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