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We have extensive experience fitting Stovax stoves. If you would like to know how a Stovax stove could work in your property, speak to one of our friendly experts today.

We offer a free chimney survey and design service, where we can help you specify a Stovax stove installation that meets both your aesthetic and performance requirements.

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Some Background on Stovax Stoves

Exeter based company Stovax Stoves have over 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing stoves ever since their creation in 1981.

They had been creating wood burning cast iron stoves for seven years when they formed sister company Gazco which was created to produce and distribute gas burning versions of Stovax’s already successful wood stoves. The two companies have continued to grow into major players in the European market and purchased Yeoman Stoves in 2006, increasing their portfolio and reputation.

In terms of innovation, Gazco were the first company in the UK to provide remote controls for their gas burning stoves: cementing their place in history.

One of Stovax Stoves popular models is the Brunel make. Stovax have been making them since 1982 and they still remain a popular fireplace today. The Brunel 2CB combines the vintage and retro Stove with Stovax’s modern day and contemporary technology. Featuring an output of 6kw and Stovax’s clean burn technology, it’s a must have for that classic look and modern output.

Stovax Stoves Brunell 2CB

Brunell 2CB Model

  With the decline in ready available fossil fuels, Stovax are at the forefront of promoting wood as the most economical and renewable fuel in today’s climate, with Gazco working on more efficient gas burning technology.

Stovax offer extended guarantees on all of their stoves ranging from two years to ten, always check to make sure.

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