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We have extensive experience fitting Rotherham Fireplaces. If you would like to know if a Rotherham fireplace could work in your home, speak to one of our friendly experts today.  We offer a free chimney survey and design service, where we can help you specify a full fireplace & surround solution that meets both your aesthetic and performance requirements.

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Some Background on Rotherham Fireplaces


Established in 1927 and interrupted only by the second world war, Rotherham Fireplaces offer an abundance of experience  of over 70 years at the top of fireplace manufacturing. Having worked as a stone mason on the Yorkshire cathedrals and churches, J Rotherham set himself up to start a company that would provide fireplaces for many prestigious clients, including much of Saville Row.

The Rotherham Classics range offers you a whole host of classically designed limestone fireplaces that are all hand crafted to order. In using innovative techniques when it comes to crafting their fireplaces, they have helped drive down the cost of manufacturing without impacting the quality or price of their surrounds.

One of their most recent milestones came in 2010 when the latest generation of the family, Jamie Rotherham, designed the eloquent Silenus fireplace.

Rotherham Fireplaces Brochure

The Silenus Fireplace.

Another favourite is the appropriately named stylish offering: The New York. It’s a classic take on the 1920’s art deco movement that struck New York in the early century.  it’s rightly heralded as clean, dynamic and linear. The fireplace fits any interior and is a must have for lovers of art deco.

Rotherham Fireplaces Brochure

The New York Fireplace.

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