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We have extensive experience fitting Nordpeis stoves. If you would like to know how a Nordpeis stove could work in your property, speak to one of our friendly experts today.

We offer a free chimney survey and design service, where we can help you specify a Nordpeis stove installation that meets both your aesthetic and performance requirements.

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Some Background on Nordpeis Stoves

Norwegian company Nordpeis Stoves have been around for over 30 years, integrating Norwegian fundamentals with modern ideologies.

Unlike a lot of manufacturers, Nordpeis only offer wood burning stoves, owing to their belief that traditional yet contemporary is best.

They boast a high standard of design and construction, using only the best materials to produce the best stove they can.

The Nordpeis “Smarty Concrete”¬†is a beautifully designed compact stove burner. It has a very Nordic look about it and produces heat at around 5KW, more than enough to economically and efficiently warm a room. It boasts a clean burn system as well as an air wash system; producing environmentally friendly heat and aiding in keeping the glass clean.

Nordpeis Stoves Smarty Concrete

Smarty Concrete Model

Nordpeis Stoves are all about mixing contemporary with traditional. Getting an efficient stove and keeping it stylish is their number one goal.

They offer a five year warranty on all of their stoves.

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