Natural Ventilation Solutions

Ventive PVHR is a Passive Ventilation system with Heat Recovery (PVHR) system.  They are also known as Natural Ventilation with Heat Recovery systems.

Natural ventilation systems provide your home with a continuous supply of fresh air and warm it simultaneously by extracting heat from the stale air it removes from the house.

For those looking to turn their homes into an energy efficient and low cost ‘passive house‘, we recommend Ventive as the PVHR solution for you.

The Ventive system achieves all of the above without a single spark of electricity and it has absolutely no moving parts to give homeowners a headache or even a sniff of a maintenance bill. It truly is free to run. And it truly provides free heating for your home.

Fire Crest – Approved Ventive Installer

As of 2015 Fire Crest is an approved installation partner for Ventive’s natural ventilation solutions.

Our accredited team have already fitted these natural ventilation solutions in homes around Essex and are offering free home surveys to homeowners and businesses that are looking to save money on their electricity bill and improve the air quality in their premises. For a hassle free, zero cost survey – call us on 01245 323 911.

[Read our most recent Ventive case study]

Recent Customer Testimonial

Here’s what our customer in Swanley, Kent had to say about our Ventive installation:

“We are very satisfied with the work done by Fire Crest Stoves Limited, and have no hesitation in recommending them. From pre-installation through to on-site install the quality of customer service and workmanship was of the highest. We would happily work with them again.”

About Ventive, The Company

Ventive are leading in the development of natural ventilation solutions. Their advanced technology allows a simple and clean installation with minimal impact on the customer and excellent results.

Ventive supply PVHR solutions across the United Kingdom, and as demand increases in this area – Fire Crest are pleased to announce their Approved Ventive Installer partnership for Essex and the South East of England.

What Are The Benefits of Natural Ventilation Systems?

Your Ventive PVHR solution will immediately help you benefit from:

Freshest Air Yet – The moment your Ventive system is installed, its powerful technology will begin to remove stale air from your home and replace it with fresh and clean air. You will notice the difference immediately with the Ventive system completing a complete air exchange every 1–2 hours.

Enhanced Wellbeing – Since you will be breathing better quality, fresher air – you will feel the health benefits.

Electricity Free Operation – No plugs. No wires. No hassle. Once your Ventive system is installed it is powered 100% by natural forces: The wind outside, as well as the heat produced in your home (the stack effect).

Low Cost Free Home Heating – Your Ventive system will not only freshen up the quality of the air you breath, it will also warm it for you for nothing. The PVHR system can recover up to 95% of heat that would otherwise leave your home through stale air escape.

Silence – The Ventive system makes no noise as it has no moving parts. With a Ventive you won’t be interrupted by loud fans and motors.

Zero Maintenance Since the Ventive system has no moving parts to wear down or malfunction, there is zero requirement for maintenance, unlike mechanical ventilation systems. It is installed and it just works. Simple.

Reduction in Mould and Condensation – Gone are the days of grotty bathrooms and unaired spare rooms. Ventive removes harmful gases like C02, VOCs and also removes excess humidity. It’s like a Brita water filter, but for your air.

Ventive PVHR Benefits Summary

Passive Airflow:

  • One air exchange every 1–2 hours

Passive Heat Transfer:

  • Up to 95% heat recovery

Warm home:

  • No draughts
  • Up to £200 heating savings

Natural Operation:

  • No moving parts
  • No electronic equipment

No running cost:

  • Up to £100 Electricity Saved
  • No servicing/maintenance

Is a PVHR solution right for your home?

Take advantage of free expert guidance from one of our friendly team, who will offer you advice over the phone (01245 323 911) or you can request a free survey.

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