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We have extensive experience fitting Clearview stoves. If you would like to know how a Clearview stove and fireplace combination could work in your property, speak to one of our friendly experts today.

We offer a free chimney survey and design service, where we can help you specify a Clearview stove installation that meets both your aesthetic and performance requirements.

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Some Background on Clearview Stoves

It’s extremely apparent from the first moment you set eyes on Clearview Stoves that they care a lot about the environment. Their philosophy revolves around the renewable rewards and benefits from wood burning.

Established in Britain over 25 years ago in 1987. They have continued to work to create environmentally benefitting stoves as well as keeping them beautifully styled and crafted.

Perhaps the best Clearview Stove to demonstrate their philosophy is the Clearview 650. It is a beautifully designed two-door stove with exceptional fire viewing. It burns with an output of up to 12KW, which is an exceptional amount making the stove perfect for almost any sized room. It is available with a range of looks from low-canopy to high-canopy to flat-top, with a hotplate available on the low-canopy and flat-top variations.

Clearview Stoves 650

Clearview 650 Model (dog not included)

Clearview Stoves have the capability to burn multi-fuel but the company recommended wood-burning for that exceptional fire quality.

Most of Clearview’s Stoves have been approved for smokeless surroundings, and were the first company in the UK to have multi-fuel stoves approved for smokeless situations.

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