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We have extensive experience fitting Aduro stoves. If you would like to know how an Aduro stove could work in your property, speak to one of our friendly experts today.

We offer a free chimney survey and design service, where we can help you specify an Aduro stove installation that meets both your aesthetic and performance requirements.

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Some Background on Aduro Stoves

Danish company Aduro are a relative “fresh face” in terms of designing and manufacturing wood burning stoves.

That doesn’t mean they should be taken lightly, however. To date there have been more than 100,000 Aduro stove installations over Europe – that’s a lot for a relative newcomer.

All of Aduro Stoves are convector stoves, this means that all of the heat is spread out evenly amongst a room, heating it all up rather than from the front outwards.

Aduro Stoves also feature the innovative, patent pending, “Aduro-tronic” system that automatically regulates the air flow for combustion – essentially, when you put a fresh log on the fire, the Aduro-tronic lever needs to be pulled out and then it automatically closes within five minutes, thus regulating the air for maximum efficiency.

Furthermore, as well as the Aduro-tronic system, Aduro have released a new smart phone app that helps you regulate your stove and optimise its performance. For a demo video of the app click HERE.

The Aduro 1-1 Stove is the “flagship” stove of Aduro. It’s a sleek cylindrical design that provides an average output of 6KW but can provide up to 9KW.

Aduro Stoves 1-1

Aduro 1-1 Model

Each stove is available with an extendable five year guarantee.

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